The internet has made the world smaller and opened up many doors for many people. 

But... that means EVERYONE can now start a business online and it's both easier and harder at the same time.

Thank God for Facebook Groups, I get to meet really cool people from all around the world. 

Today, I would like to introduce one of our very awesome and supportive member.

I met Stephanie in my Facebook Group, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs, where close to 20k people hang out and support our crazy little journey called - Entrepreneurship!

Stephanie Treasures is a single mother and an online marketing strategist, born and raised in Jamaica but left for New York to pursue her degree. But decided to return to her home town to raise her 14 year old son.

(Well... there's no where like home and it does take a village to raise a child - that's the same thing for business!)

I find Stephanie one of those rare individuals where they actually continued what they've started. I've seen so many people do a Law degree and then end up being a chef.

Anyway, Stephanie and I share many things in common in our entrepreneur journey. Both of us aren't in the business we originally started.

So, if you're guided to make a turn and feeling afraid to pivot then I'm here to assure you that you're not alone.

When Stephanie started, she was a PUBLISHER for real estate brochures!

Why the heck did she do that when she doesn't even have the experience!?

Watch the interview to find out more about her interesting story and I'm sure you'll be inspired by her tenacity!

Who is Stephanie and Where to find her?

"I’m Stephanie and I’m an Online Marketing Strategist & Business Mentor to women coaches who are looking to expand their online reach, become known as an authority in their niche, attract their ideal clients, connect with them and build community and convert leads into sales. I have done some local and international speaking offline and online. I’m a single mother to a bright, witty and funny 14-year old with big dreams like Mommy.

Some of my hobbies are photography, travelling and I’d like to take up learning to play drums and lawn tennis. ;-)

It’s my passion and zone of genius to help coaches to transform their business and hit their client and income goals and do their part to make an impact in the world."

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