We've some 60,000 thoughts a day and it's said that they're the same exact thoughts from yesterday, the day before yesterday and before and before.

  • Do you believe your thoughts?

  • Where do they come from?

  • Which part in you generated those thoughts?

Pause and spend some time answering these questions.

I spend 2017 questioning my thoughts and really asking myself which thoughts actually belonged to me.

I was caught in the web of my own thoughts for a long time and as a result, I was a victim to my own thoughts.

If you don't master your thoughts, your thoughts will master you.

Last year June, I fell suddenly fell sick and I was bed ridden for almost a week. Even when I sick I was so worried for my business and that was when it really hit me that I had a codependent relationship with my business.

The more I tried to think, the worse my head went and finally I had no choice but to give up thinking because I was in such a miserable state.

When I let go my thoughts, I realised that I was addicted to my own suffering. The thoughts went on and on and on and on... on loop on this "it's time to sabotage Elyse" playlist.

At the end of every day, I would scold myself for being so useless and why I allowed myself to get so fat!

I didn't realise that I was unconsciously torturing myself until I finally had enough of myself.

That was when I decided to rebuild my relationship with myself.

I know that my body is my temple and it's sacred yet I was hating myself and thus not allowing any miracles to show up.

As in the "A Course in Miracles", it said that it's abnormal if miracles don't happen and miracles happens naturally as an expression of love.

Even though I believe in God but I didn't believe that God was on my side.

This was why I was creating so much suffering for myself thinking that I needed to fend for myself.

In the course, it also says that if you're in control, you're in competition with God and geez! This statement woke me up because I've been praying for divine intervention.

Most of the negative thoughts are generated by our ego self. Now, the ego is neither bad nor evil. It's job is to keep us safe.

However, because most of us have been so unconscious, we don't question our thoughts and take it as face value.

As a result, we believe what we think.

Change your thoughts. Change your Life. The last Louise Hay would always say. It's so simple but yet we don't do it.


Because the ego is sneaky and it would convince you that you can't possibly change your life with such a simple idea.

Therefore, I can't stress enough that YOU MUST KNOW YOUR EGO WELL.

I've spend a lot of time in 2017 getting to know the ego. How it communicates and how it makes me feel.

I would also question my thoughts and not react to my emotions immediately.

This is part of growing up and getting to know who you are.

I took my family on a staycation recently and for the first time in a long time, I was able to be present with the girls without thinking about my business.

Or the need to update my social media to let people know what I've been up too.

We're not supposed to work and have no fun. Life can be fun if we allow ourselves to enjoy life.

I've learnt that when I love life, life will love me back.

As Buddha said, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

Live in the NOW and the future will be sorted out.

Everything happens twice. First in the mind and then in reality.

So I invite to you to train yourself to only have positive and happy thoughts.

This doesn't mean you do a spiritual bypass. It just means you're not allowing yourself to the victim of your circumstances.

In the Bible it's said that God wants you to have His kingdom more than you want it yourself.

You're a decision away from the life you deserve.


Some photos from my staycation.... ENJOY... 😃


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