You've heard me say this for a few weeks now and I'm sure many of you've experienced the same thing.
2017 was EXTREMELY challenging!
Well, 2017 in numerology language is number 1 - we were laying the foundation for the next 9 year cycle.

That means that A LOT of unlearning and relearning about the self.
Challenges means growth for the soul.
I just took a deep dive into with my friends at Numerologistdotcom and they gave me a detailed report based on my own birth numbers.
To be honest, I was EXTREMELY blown away given the limited time I had on the website.
This isn't a cookie cutter system. They've a state of the art calculating system that ONLY THEY HAVE that accurately pin point your numbers.
After all the years, I thought you only had to tabulate your birthdates and wah la!... You'll get the FULL picture.
I was told my "Life Path", "Expression" and "Soul Urge" number.
In the FREE video report, you'll get your numbers calculated FOR you and explained what each number means.
We're all here for a reason and a purpose and we're also given certain personality traits to support our mission.
Before you start asking what is your Life Purpose, why not get to know WHO you are first and then you can use your personality to serve your soul.
The soul is here to learn and grow - that's all the soul is after.
The soul didn't say you need to suffer and struggle while learning your lessons.
SO... why not take the path of least resistance?
It reveals the number 1 challenge that held them back in 2017 and how they can open themselves up to more abundance, wealth, and joy in 2018.
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Enjoy the reading.
With Gratitude,

P.S. I just did my reading today and I was truly shocked and surprised (I don't say this lightly because nothing really surprises me anymore since the day I believed that aliens exists!) at how much confirmation and clarity I've gained in a few minutes!
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