Many people told me that 2017 was a very challenging year.

I agree! It was an extremely challenging year for me too.

But on hindsight, I wouldn't have changed any events because these events made me grow up and mature into the woman I am today.

Being 50 or 70 doesn't make one a grown up by default. One has to go and grow through challenges to be a grown up.

And don't we all need more grown ups in the world these days?!

2017 was a year were we had to pretty much build and lay our foundation. There was a lot of hands on work.

So, if you didn't run away from your major lessons in 2017, then 2018 is going to be pretty much easier for you.

2018 is the number 2 in the numerology cycle. It's also the master number 11.

You'll be guided to form partnerships and collaboration to get your message out in the world in a much bigger way.

The Universe will also step up this year to support you in fulfilling your desires.

Therefore, you're asked to get out of your own way.

In A Course in Miracles, it said that if you're in control, you're in competition with God. And you cannot serve the ego and expect rewards from God.

For all of us who are control freaks, THIS is a major lesson on it's own.

This is the believe system that we really need to abolish.

"I need to work hard for money."

Remember, God thinks and the entire world showed up.

We're children of God so we too possess the power God gave Jesus.

Our job is to stay faithful to our desires and be obedient to God.

"The Lord is my strength, the reason for my song, because he has saved me. I praise and honour the Lord - he is my God and the God of my ancestors.

That doesn't mean you don't have FREEWILL to create the life you desire.

We must first know exactly what we want to accomplish before the Universe steps in to help us.

That's why we co-create with GOD!

This also explains why it takes such a long time to manifest our desires. Because we change our minds so often the moment we don't get what we want.

In 2018, day dream a little more and let your imagination go wild.

There're no limitations in the Universe. 

Have fun!


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