It's the 2nd day of new year and I see so many posts on New Year Resolutions and by now... 

Hopefully you're conscious enough to know that new year resolutions DON'T WORK!

For the past few years, instead of new year resolutions, I would pick a word for the year.
Last year and the year before, my word was HAPPY.

That means, I will not do anything that doesn't make me happy.
This year, at first, my word was PEACE. Then I changed it to ABUNDANCE.

I want to experience more of everything in life. Money... happiness... peace and you maybe surprised... for the first time, I'm embracing challenges.

2017 has been an EXTREMELY challenging year for me. And the word extremely is an understatement on it's own.

Yet... I wouldn't trade anything for it because these experiences forced me to GROW up and own up to my own bullshit.

I started the year with ease and doing everything SLoooOow motion.

I've also learnt the hard way, that the more I rush and try to control, the worse it becomes.

2018 is also the year to continue to lay our foundations so there's more to come. You're just getting started and setting up the stage.

Finally, I had time to journal yesterday and I was told that more gifts will be revealed to us this year so PATIENCE is needed.

Therefore, if you're already making big plans, I suggest you pause and slow down because the best ideas comes when you're in a RELAXED state.

This is the year where we continue to LEARN and GROW to prepare ourselves for what BIG PLANS God has for us.

So... don't rush. Relax because this is a journey and not the destination. You're not going to arrive anywhere... unfortunately.

Take time off to reflect on everything now.

I started 2017 feeling really shit about myself and so 2017 was the shittiest year ever.

If you must do something, tune up your emotions. Set it up for success.
The Law of Attractions obeys your emotions. Not your thoughts.

I wish you feeling LOVED, Happiness and Abundance!


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