Think about this 

Do you really have full control over your website?

Most experts will tell you to build your own website because it gives you FULL control is B.S.

Because.... unless you're a website ninja, you still have to rely on someone to update your website. Eg. Plugins and updates.

Also... you prolly need to buy hosting to host your website.

So how can it be 100% yours?

Yes you can backup and download the entire website but... for what?

Those people who tell you to focus on building your website are also relying on social media - mostly Facebook to drive traffic to their website.

 Cost to set up FB = FREE

Waiting time = IMMEDIATELY

 Cost to set up website = $500 - $5000

Waiting time = 2 weeks to 3 months.
And what are the chances of your web hosting shutting down before the $260 BILLION company called Facebook?

I don't care if you don't like Facebook and you don't have too.

But remember there're 1.8 BILLION people hanging out in Facebook everyday. 

And Facebook really has perfected their advertising platform.

Yes! You've to pay to play. Why waste time waiting and hoping to go viral for organic reach?

Are you in business for waiting or to make money?

But... be smart with your money.

Doesn't mean you spead big bucks, you'll make big bucks.

Most social media/seo companies are scams.

That's enough FB news update for today.

Spend some time to clean up your FB Page today.

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