Coffee + Milo is the best recreational drink ever!

My head is still buzzing from the 3 past lives that came through in 1 session.

Now.. it's time for integration and onward to the next session.


Even though your soul do NOT all incarnate into this body because if it did, your body would explode!

But, you were energetically complete.

However... as we continued our journey we may lose the fragments of our soul through fear and traumatic events.
  • People in codependent relationships.
  • Giving up their soul in exchange for love or money or [fill in the blanks].
  • Unrequited love may result in your soul being stolen.

So... no matter how much healing you do or personal development work you do, you somehow still feel a void.

This may cause energy leaks through your chakras and aura.

Now that you know, you need to retrieve all your soul fragments to be WHOLE again.

I'm excited for the next session before we can Rewrite the soul contract - and that depends if your soul and spirit guides agree to it!

Are you?

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