Your current life is a total sum of all past lives.

I had my past life regression training 8 years ago but I found the process too long for my liking so I discontinued but I truly enjoyed each experience - especially the dying part and going up to the spirit realm and just hang our with my spirit guides.

Who knew... 8 years later... it came knocking on my door this time. 

But this time, I asked for a more efficient way of doing things.

I seriously don't think the client needs to go through 4 hours to discover these things.

You may be a King or a murderer in the previous live but that's not the key.

The key is what you're have and most importantly what you HAVEN'T!

That's why you're *gulps* here again - entering the wheels of Karma.

So... it's important to know what your SOUL has been up to so that you don't repeat history again and again and again and again....

Super excited to be doing a Rewrite your soul contract session today and to retrieve this soul's contract 
and journey.

I've already been shown a lot... 

Can't wait for the session and see what else the soul has to say!

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