I'm sure you're aware that our planet is going cuckoo - climate change. 

Have you ever considered that YOU (I'm included - no exceptions!) could be one of those people contributing to climate change?

Perhaps you can't see how you're contributing to climate change but still, we are....

This is my theory and I may be wrong BUT I'm going to say it anyway.

Climate change and global warming is caused by the desire to maintain a healthy economy.

The more people buy = The healthier the economy.

When people don't buy, the economy stops.

As a result of this, companies have to continuously come up with new (and most of the time redundant) products to entice consumers to buy.

So, it's supply and demand thing.

And the big companies usually prey on those who have a HUGE ego!

LOOK at the mobile phone industry - like seriously! Do we really need to change our phones every 6 months?

The mobile companies all promise that the lastest model has better this and better that - and seriously! Do you really use ALL the functions?

So why do people need to keep changing their phones?

To look cool and happening - at the expense of those children as young as 6 years old, going out there as miners to search for coal to make your smart phones.

Photo Via FossBytes.com.

Of course people can say that the demand is giving them a job. TRUE! I don't deny but do you know how much they are really paid and at who's expense?

Let's shift gears to look at the fashion industry.

Did you know that fast fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, next to big oil?

Fast fashion also means cheap clothing and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the cost of making these clothes are also extremely low and therefore can sell to you at a low price to make a profit!

Because the clothes are bought at such low prices, most women would wear only once or twice and then throw them out!

Do you know where your clothes go when you throw them out donate them?

Unfortunately, not ALL of your donations gets recycled. Only a small percentage (20%) gets recycled. The rest gets shipped to developing countries and gets resold to the locals.

The rest? They go to the LANDFILL!

My question is: WHY do we constantly need to keep up with the fashion?

To look cool and happening - at the expense of the planet?

Ok! Just in case some of you're feminist and are fighting for equal rights for women.

Did you know that 95% of the workers who made your clothes are women? Because of gender discrimination - men are harder to be exploited!

Women can be made to dance like puppets, but men cannot be abused in the same way. The owners do not care if we ask for something, but demands raised by the men must be given some consideration. So they do not employ male workers. 
Female Bangladeshi garment worker

The pay for these women are also pathetic but then you might argue that you're giving them a job. So you're buying your cheap clothes at who's expense?

Via HerCampus.com.

Everyone loves a bargain but the true cost of that latest wardrobe addition is pitiful wages for Bangladesh's legion of factory workers.
-Simon Parry

And just think about it, when you're merely surviving, will you think and care of the environment?
How the cheap dyes are polluting the water?

NO! They simply can't.

So... this brings me to my last point - THE ECONOMY!

My theory is this - When there's no economy, the planet will be healthy again.

Do you even think the economy is real? WHO created the economy anyway?

During our kumbaya days, there wasn't "THE ECONOMY" and life was great!

In the pursuit of greed and power, we've turn our planet inside out and outside in.

At the end of day, KARMA IS A BITCH - it always comes back to bite us!

Look at CHINA! The people in CHINA are suffering from bad air pollution and most of the children have to stay at home and they don't know how a clear blue sky look like.

The power and responsibility to change and heal the planet lies in our hands - the consumer!

We can all be more consciously aware about where our products are coming from, where our clothes are coming from and most importantly buy from ethical source.

I'm aware that these products costs more than the mass market products. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?

When our planet is gone, no amount of money will bring it back.

So what's the REAL cost here?

Here's what you can do to change RIGHT NOW!

1. Stop buying into the illusion of "The ECONOMY" - it's nothing more than just a man made term to manipulate the people who don't know any better.

2. Stop buying to please the EGO - if you're buying to prove a point, then it's better you save the money and your bank account will thank you for it.

3. Be a conscious consumer - know what and where your products are made up of and if they're eco friendly and have a fair pay system.

RECYCLE. REDUCE. REUSE - no one is going to die if you wear the same outfit twice!

Even the Princess (Kate Middleton) herself is recycling her outfits so why not us?

Photo Via Cosmopolitan.com.

Here's my truth.....

Even if you're driving a nice fancy car and dress to kill, if you're a jerk inside, nothing on the outside can compensate you for being a JERK-A-SARUS!

What I know for sure is that NO ONE gets to cheat the Law of Attraction.

Do good and good will come to you.

Whether you believe in angels or fairies but when you take care of Mother Earth, these angelic beings will shower you with blessings as a reward.

Last but not the least.... just so you know that PLASTIC MICROBEADS hurt the planet.

Because these tiny beads end up in rivers, lakes and oceans and the bead looks like food to the fishes and YES it'll end up in our food chain.

Like I said... Karma is bitch!

Alrighty! Thanks for reading and I pray that the ozone layer is healed and we no longer need to use sunscreen!

In the mean time, please drink more water and add more sunscreen!

P.S. I'm a visionary and I look at the big picture so please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes if there're any.

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