There has been a lot of concern about climate change and climate change is REAL. 

And I'm really grateful for people like Elon Musk who is spending his time to discover new ways of sustainable living and more efficient cars.

I love the Tesla Car but it's cost more than $100k to bring it into Singapore - Unless I move to the US or wait till I'm a millionaire.

So what about the rest of us who aren't scientists? Can we play our part besides recycling plastic and paper, saving water and using eco friendly products?

As you can see, unless you're living under a rock, the world seems to be going crazy! Every news that's churn out seems to create MORE fear in people.

By keeping yourself updated with the news seems to create more uncertainty and fear within yourself.

If that's the case, I suggest you stop reading the news because when you read the news and you don't feel good about it, all your past fears and worries will be amplified.

When you're obsessed with reading or watching the news, you go into a different state. The same state when you're hypnotised. When that happens, it by passes your conscious mind and it goes straight to your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is where you make all your default decisions.

Thoughts are things. 

That's why you need to be conscious of what you're thinking because thoughts are things and they become things.

And the law of attraction works on EVERYONE - you'll end up attracting MORE of what you don't want and you may wonder why!

Anyway, we've 7.5 BILLION people on earth and each of us have 60,000 thoughts EVERY DAY!

7.5 billion x 60,000 = 450000000000000 (13 zeros)

That's 45 trillions thoughts every day.

45 trillion x 365 (days) = 1.64250000E + 16

Gulps! I don't even know what this is but in my language it's....

Kabilliontrilliongazillion thoughts every year!

And you guessed it right! 

The #1 pollutant in the world is negative thoughts.

As I've said, thoughts are THINGS.

The problem is most of us have more bad experiences than good so it's easier to entertain the bad thoughts and believe the 'lies' it's telling us.

So.. when you think a bad thought, you send a rocket of bad energy out into the world. And like I said Law of Attraction works on EVERYTHING.

This small rocket of bad energy will "look" for other energies of the same frequencies and they'll collect themselves.

Imagine that!

This energy will become stronger and stronger and Carl Jung calls it the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS!

You can change that!

Don't you ever think that you're not Oprah or the Pope and you can't change the world.

When you consciously change your thoughts, you'll create a happiness force field around you. As we're all energy beings, people around you will feel your energy.

You'll start to attract like-minded people. People who love and respect you.

More opportunities will be attracted to you and more people want to hang out with you.

Because they love the way you make them feel - in the book Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles talked about the impression of increase.

That's what it means. People feel happy whenever they're hanging out with you.

As a result, they'll follow your lead.

People are already following the crowd so why not follow someone who can lead them to a life they truly deserve?

It takes at least 21 days to break a habit so if you're reading this, let's commit to 21 days of:

  1. become more aware of your thoughts - no judging people in your mind
  2. say only nice things about people (no matter how bitchy a person is, she has her good side - no bitching and complaining)
  3. be really grateful for what you already have (yes we can have more but life can be far worse than what you already have)
  4. be responsible for your emotions - don't take things personally
  5. let go of drama and victim mindset - you're the creator of your live
  6. do the things that makes you happy!

Sounds easy? 

Let's do our part as a world citizen to clean up our energy on the planet and we can leave a much better place for our next generation, shall we?

I'd love to be part of your 21 days journey so please leave me a comment below and keep me updated.

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