Hello! I'm Elyse-Anne - Your Trusted Spiritual Guide (since 2008) to help women entrepreneurs, like you, discover your soul, experience who you truly are and live beyond your wildest dreams!

We're all on Earth for a reason - You're not here randomly or by accident.

Your soul has meticulously put together this life so that we can learn through our experiences and grow collective cosmically.

YES! There's a BIGGER PICTURE but when we incarnate into this life, we enter a veil of amnesia and we forget why we're here and who we truly are.

Although we've challenges in life but we're not meant to suffer.

YES! Suffering is optional.

Suffering happens when you're disconnected from your creator - I call God.

My intention is help you end suffering so that actually enjoy your life here while you're on Earth.

We live in very interesting times now and time in accelerating because Earth is going through her own evolution so as inhabitants on the planet, it's best that we evolve together so we can all experience a piece of heaven here - The New Earth.

You've have the power within you to change your life, I'm merely a guide to facilitate and hold the space for you till you're ready to independently shine your own light fearlessly and confidently.

Here's how I can help ...

Before you go on, please know that I'm not your paid friend - I'm not in a co dependent relationship with you.

You must be ready to hear and see the things that you've been avoiding so far. It's not going to be easy. You may scream and cry but I promise that it's all going to be worth it - like giving birth to a baby.

Do you feel like no matter how much healing, therapy or personal development you do, you're still not able to move to the next level?

Do you feel like you're constantly chasing your own tail?

Or you feel like you take 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards?

The simple answer is KARMA!

They said Karma is a bitch and it really is. It's only a bitch if you don't get it.

What is KARMA?

Karma is really the Law of Cause and Effect. So the good news is if you change the CAUSE, you WILL change the effect.

What causes the CAUSE then?

The CAUSE really is about unfinished business and lessons. And that's the MAIN reason why you're here on earth.

I'm sure you've asked yourself a million times - Why the heck am I here on Earth or What's my purpose?

Your current life is a total sum of all past lives.

So... it's important to know what your SOUL has been up to so that you don't repeat history again and again and again and again.... and put yourself unnecessarily in the wheels of Karma.

I'm here to help you find out what's the CAUSE so that you can finally move on in your life.

What happens in the session?

During this 60 mins session, 

  • I'll connect to your SOUL and 
  • I'll be shown exactly what's blocking you
  • what lessons you didn't learn in your past lives and 
  • personal messages from your soul.

It's best that you have a clear intention on what problem you want to work on so that your soul will show me exactly what is relevant for your current situation.

It's 100% spot on when you've that clarity.

The Soul never makes a mistake!

Energy Exchange:

US$288 per 60 mins

I'll be calling you via SKYPE and will be recorded for your personal use.

Before we reincarnated into human form, we gathered our "soulmates" to help us with our lessons in life and "signed a contract".

But when you got here, you don't remember these contracts and it may seem like difficult situations with difficult people trying to make your life a living hell.

If that's true, then your "soulmates" are doing a good job.

The good news is... You can tear up the contract and rewrite a new one.

Most people don't know about this.

The truth is, the only reason why you're having such a difficult time is because you haven't learnt the lesson.

And if you're not learning the lessons, you're creating MORE karma to yourself.

This is where I can help.

Together we can work with your soul, rewrite a new contract and release the karma you've accumulated and heal old wounds.

Once you get out of the wheels of Karma, I promise you'll actually get to enjoy LIFE and manifest everything your heart desires with ease and grace!

What happens in each session?

There're 4 x 60 mins sessions altogether for optimum results.

1. Release Your Karma

In order for us to rewrite your soul contract, we need to release and resolve with Karma. 

Karma basically are unlearned lessons and therefore it's happening over and over and over again with the same people or same struggles.

Make peace with your past today!

2. Retrieve Your Soul

Although we don't incarnate will all our soul energies, we were WHOLE when we were born and as we grew up, we start to give our soul parts away or soul leaves us.

This is why we have co-dependent relationships. Sometimes we give our soul away in exchange for love and that soul stays with the other person.

Or it may get stolen.

We need to collect all our soul fragments so that we can be and feel WHOLE again.

3. Rewrite Your Soul Contract

We'll do a cord cutting ceremony in this session to set you and the other party free. 

Once you're able to see the BIG picture, you're ready to tear up your Soul Contract with challenging and difficult people.

You can now rewrite your own soul contract with SOURCE and learn your lessons without so much bruise and pain.

4. Realign Your Charka Centers

Last but not the least, we'll do a healing session to seal the deal.

We've more than 7 main chakra that manages different aspects of your lives and they need to be healthy and vibrant so that you can manifest all the abundance you desire in your life and live beyond your wildest dreams!

The intention for doing is to get yourself out of the wheels of karma so that you can move to the next level of your life and enjoy your journey by truly being you.

What's included:

  • 4 x 60 mins call via Skype
  • Sessions will be recorded for your personal use

Energy Exchange:

US$888 for 4 sessions or US$282 x 4 weeks