Hello! I'm Elyse-Anne - Your Trusted Spiritual Business Coach and Social Media Strategist for Spiritual Entrepreneurs - Helping You Get Your Greatest Work Out to the World, Make You Influential & Get Paid Being You!

We're all on Earth for a reason - You're not here randomly or by accident. We're here to experience and grow so that we can raise the consciousness of the entire collective Universe.

Therefore, saving the world isn't our job. Our job is to get to know ourselves and help others along the way.

Some people are here to be doctors, lawyers, factory workers, flight attendants, engineers, entrepreneurs and so on...

As you can see, not everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur BUT if you're called to embark on this entrepreneur path, then you're in the right place.

There's a new way of doing in this era because collectively we're more awake and no longer willing to play by the old rules.

Collectively, we're waking up to the illusion and asking for a fair game.

Therefore, we're living in interesting times where rules must be broken and re create new rules that serves our highest good.

Those who refuse to change, will be left behind.

What does it mean for us, Spiritual Entrepreneurs?

It's GREAT NEWS for us! 

I believe that our life and business shouldn't be separated from our spiritual life. So, we no longer have to play by the traditional marketing rules!

Your business is your ministry and your platform to live your purpose. And this journey is the best personal development on the planet!

You can now F I N A L L Y  play by your own rules! Can I get an AMEN for that!

We no longer need to adhere to the 3 part video series to grow your list or HECK! You don't even need to grow your list if you don't want too!

For the past 2 years, I've been working a lot of unlearning all the rules so that I can finally live life on my own terms.

I can't say that it's an easy journey but it was so worth it!

While working on myself, I've also been hanging with a few self made millionaires and what I've discovered is that ALL of them have a diversified financial portfolio - they have MORE than 3 income streams.

It's said that most successful entrepreneurs have at least 7 income streams.

That got me thinking on HOW I can have more than 1 income stream in my own business aside from coaching.

I'm so done with feast or famine days and worrying about when and if the next client is going to show up!

Is this you? Then ....

Here's how I can help ...

Before you go on, please know that I'm not your paid friend - I'm not in a co dependent relationship with you.

You must be ready to hear and see the things that you've been avoiding so far. It's not going to be easy. You may scream and cry but I promise that it's all going to be worth it - like giving birth to a baby.


Being a coach or a healer is a great profession.

But after all the time and effort spend on marketing, are you really maximising what you've created online?

We all dream of making money while we sleep.

  • What if it's actually possible to inspire the world while making money while you sleep?

  • What if you can also recession proof your career and business at the same time?

Would you be interested?

Think Oprah.

Besides her investment portfolio, do you know that she has many business models under her name?

Let your money work for you. It doesn't make any sense if we need to work hard for money.

It's time to banish this age old belief system.

The buck stops here with us.

Stay tuned for more information.

I'm speaking to YOU, if you're planning to quit your job to start a business OR ... you're not getting the results you want despite spending thousands of dollars on coaching programs and healing therapy.

If not, I want to let you know that you're not alone and you're in the right place.
I want to let you know that you're not alone and you're in the right place if this is you:
  • want to start a business but not sure what to do.
  • have hit a plateau in your business and have lost your mojo in what you do.
  • are not getting results as quickly as you want.
  • are ready for the next level but don't know what to do.
  • feel stuck and you've tried everything.
All my clients are gifted and talented people, just like you, have the same question when they get on the call with me.
They ask the same question.
"Elyse, I know I can use my gifts and talents to help my ideal clients improve their lives but why am I feeling stuck and not getting the clients I want? HOW can I unstuck myself right now and live the life I deserve?" 

Is this you? Or can you relate?
I can definitely relate because I've been there! I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on coaching program that promises success if I followed the success blueprint formula. 
I've spent thousand of dollars on fancy luxury photoshoots and even build a fancy website.
On top of that, I've also spend thousands of dollars on doing shadow work and healing my inner child.
Did you do all of the above too and wondering...
"I've done all the right things so WHY oh WHY am I still stuck?"
Just you know, 90% of start ups fail within the first 6 months of starting their business because they gave up and...  
4 out of 5 people don't really know what they want in life.
I know you don't want to be in that catagory and I'm here to save you time and money and accelerate your success.
YES! I've got the magic happy pill! 
It exists! Just look at children when they have fun! Don't you want some of that before the adults told you that you had to grow up and be real?!
People say that when you LOVE what you do, you'll never work a single day. Because it's just FUN!  
And when you're having fun, you're loving your life.
So, the question you need to be asking WHY but not why are you stuck!
The RIGHT question you should be asking is this:
I'm sure you've asked this question many times. Have you found the answer?
Many people are obsessed with the "HOW TOs" and "3 Step System" because they think there's a magic pill to success. But the truth is that all the formulas, systems and structures weren't created with YOU in mind.
Hence the low success rate after spending so much money.
I promise you that when you've discovered your DIVINE WHY, all your HOWs will show up!
Once you've found your DIVINE WHY, you'll start creating and designing your life with YOU IN MIND!
I've been a business coach for a few years now and I see this too often. 
People spending so much money on marketing strategies, sales pages, copy writing, branding and advertising because they're in a hurry to become succesful and they fail or suffer a burnout within 3 months of starting their business.
They either give up or spend more money on healing their mindset.
If only they would just start with getting to know their DIVINE WHY and use their unique personality to serve their WHY, they would have saved themselves a lot of time and money. 
Do you know your DIVINE WHY? 
What happens in the session?  
During this 60 mins session, you'll discover what is your :

  • soul's mission and lessons for this current life
  • right business to start to fulfil your life's mission
  • fastest path to cash & make a difference in the world

Please come with an open mind as any messages can come through to serve your highest good.
I had a few sessions where the client's family members and pets who have crossed over dropped by to pass a loving message and guidance.
The Soul is always on your side and on point!  
Energy Exchange:

US$388 per 90 mins

I'll be calling you via SKYPE and will be recorded for your personal use.

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