I talk about things that most people don't talk about and... challenging status quo.

If you're triggered, then I've done my job.

I'm not here to please anyone but God ... and myself.

So... I've another important topic that I can't wait to roll it off my tongue.
I'm not religious. Structures and routine are not my best friend.

I suck at it... that's why I dropped out of high school and took drugs and drank large amounts of alcohol to avoid this so called reality.

I was even locked up in the police station over night because I ran away from home.

But since I was only 15 then, the police officers let me out and we chatted through the night till I was taken to see the judge.

Anyway, that doesn't mean I'm condemned. It just means I've I won't die with regrets!

My soul is here to experience ALL facets of life.

I did it!

Guess what? Still... I didn't go to church to seek for forgiveness ( I was brought up in a Catholic environment)!
  • Why would I need to seek forgiveness from God through another human being?
  • Why couldn't I talk to HIM directly?
  • What kind of God would punish people and send them to HELL when the Bible teaches to LOVE everyone?
  • What kind of God would judge when the Bible teaches compassion?

Never understand that so I never went to Church.

I believe God has no religion but He's OMNIPRESENT. So church can be anywhere and everywhere!

Getting to know God is a daily commitment not just weekly.

Therefore one shouldn't be praying only when they need help!

God created us in His Mind so He already knows what we need and want. The problem is that we don't.

So let's invite God into our daily lives, let Him be a part of our lives and take the path of least resistance.

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