💃  HAPPY N E W YEAR!!! 💃

May you be blessed with LOVE, HAPPINESS & ABUNDANCE in 2018 & beyond.
2018 is going to be an interesting year because it's a 11 year and also number 2 in the numerology cycle.

The number 11 is a master number so do expect lots of changes aka challenges but if you haven't been avoiding your lessons in 2017, these challenges will finally lead you the gifts you've been waiting for.

The number 2 is the most feminine number and by no accident, that the feminine energy has been rising up in the last few years. 

This will be a year of peace and collaboration, working together as ONE collective consciousness and come together as ONE.

This will be the year where you will see how far you can go and what you're really made up of.

No more running and hiding. It's time to step up to the plate and grow up.

There's a difference between childlike and CHILDISH. And we certainly need more grown ups as leaders in the the world.

This will also be the year where you realise that going with the flow is so much more powerful and hustling and trying to make things happen on your own.

You'll learn the rhythm of life and the flow of nature.

Nature doesn't rush. Yet everything is done.

That doesn't mean you become a push over or continue to people please.

You'll learn to fiercely protect your own boundaries.

LOVE doesn't mean become a YES person all the time.

You'll learn to embrace your "dark" side and use it as a learning platform to become the person you're destined to be.

As we continue to lay our foundations for the next 10 year cycle, let us remember that EACH and EVERY one of us is on our own unique journey and figuring out this thing called LIFE.

Let's practice more patience and give more support to our fellow sisters and brothers so that we can enjoy HEAVEN on earth!

I pray that you find peace and trust in GOD.


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