One woman told my friend Janet - who is a professional organiser,  that she wanted to change her husband because he was simply to messy.

C'mon ladies... let's get real here... How many of you feel that you need to pick up after your husband and your kids?

Well, changing your husband just because he's messy isn't a valid reason so my friend, Janet suggested to this woman to have a system for his things so that he won't be placing his things all over the house.

The woman agreed and her marriage is saved!

Well, as a woman entrepreneur, our business is really an extension of our business and while things can be compartmentalise, we haven't mastered the skill (yet) to compartmentalise our emotions.

Back to business, generally, we don't enjoy living in a cluttered space because it makes us feel claustrophobic but yet we tend to be unwilling to let of things.

Are we hoarders then? 

We tend to keep things because they trigger a memory or mostly living in the lack mentality.

Now as a business owner, we don't want to be hovering around lack mentality as that will bring our business down for sure.

Janet said that in our modern days, do we really need piles and piles of paper work lying around when we've softwares like CLOUD these days to keep our documents.

She also said that we're wasting precious time if we know we just bought the ink cartridge but can't find it and end up having to buy another one!

Oh mannnn.... I can't tell you HOW many times I've bought things double because I can't find them!

Well, as the saying goes, you can't think poverty and expect to attract abundance and I believe that's why CEOS and successful business hire Janet to clean up their act because they've more important things to do.

I believe you're the product of your environment and while I admitted to Janet that I can work in a messy place but after this conversation, I'm having second thoughts.

Because my work is all about keeping the vibrations high to receive divine downloads for my business, I really think I need to keep my space high vibing as well so that I can be supported for my work.

And as a result, be in the flow with the Universe.

Therefore, it's so important to keep our space neat and tidy to be in good spirits.

As the Law of Attraction states, Like Attracts Like and I'm not a fan of hustling to be successful and God created an opulent world.

So, it's time to allow the environment to support your good work so that you can fulfil your soul's mission here on earth.

Enjoy the conversation because I certainly did!  😁

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"I help clients get organized in their home by clear the stuff out they no longer use, their office so that can be more productive and attract more money and life to have time to enjoy life by removing items from their full schedule." - Janet Taylor

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