Being a flight attendant has taught me on the importance of being well groomed and looking good. It also taught me that first impression is very important because we represent the company.

Hence the interviews are very stringent.

I can't stress enough on how important first impression is even when it comes to running an ONLINE business.

A lot of people think that that they can FINALLY hide behind the computer and in their PJs all day long.

Well, that's 70% true. I do run my business without make up on most days.

However that being said I always make sure my first point of contact aka website or social media profiles are on point and looking chic.

While on the topic of chic, I'd like to introduce my friend Elina Alsiweadi, who is a Style Coach and she helps women feel beautiful and express themselves authentically through their clothing.

In this conversation, we addressed many reasons on WHY you need to look good at all times - even when you're just buying a loaf of bread from your local supermarket.

I seriously thought she was taking this a tad too seriously but she gave a very logical explanation.

Her reason was...

"You'll never know who you'll meet along the way!"

Ok! I get the point but I'm not sure if I'll do that.

That being said, I'll still put on my full suit of make up when I do my videos or host interviews like this one.

Yes! It's about creating a good impression but also it makes me feel even better about myself.

RuPaul said that people treat you differently when you're in a suit.

And having make up is our suit.

Don't you think you stand taller and walk straighter when you're in heels?

It's really all about feeling GOOD about yourself and the entire Universe will respond to it.

We also said that we need to change our mindset about looking good for the men or anyone else.

We need to want to look good for ourselves yet we see so many women just let themselves go.

I asked Elina why.

She said that many women (which I agree) don't feel safe when they look beautiful. As we've seen is the recent #metoo movement that so many of us have been silently holding on to this painful secret.

Well, the secret is out of the bag now and we can be safe as long as we stick together and take a stand for our womanhood.

With the online scene changing so quickly, we can only ensure that we keep ourselves in tip top condition.

As Oprah said, the only thing you can do is to be prepared when the day comes.

Now. Please enjoy the very candid conversation and let us know how do you keep yourself feeling beautiful.

Who is Elina Alsiweadi and Where to find her?

"I take solopreneurs, women business owners, and top executives on Soulful and Chic Journey to fulfillment and financial freedom WHILE helping you develop a stunning professional image that reflects your uniqueness, enhances your beauty, makes you feel sensational, and exudes success! I’ve spent over 20 years providing coaching and image consulting on the side while pursuing a successful career in banking until I finally surrendered to my real passion."

Instagram: @soulchicjourney 


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