"Rise your words. Not your voice." - Rumi

Do you ever feel like you need to scream and shout (literally and energictically) to be heard?

Regardless of who you are, as a human being, we all want to be seen and heard. That's why we crave the validation online or from our mother!

We need to be accepted. In the Kumbaya days, we needed to be part of a tribe for survival. And this irratational survival instinsts has been carried forward unconsciously to modern times.

If you look around, do you really think you're in danger?

Since we're constantly seeking validation outside of ourselves, we no longer have the find to discover who we truly are and to build a healthy relationship with God.

In A Course of Miracles, it said that all problems were created because we believed that we're seperated from God.

That why we think we need to fend for ourselves.

If you think you need to scream and shout to get attention, it means that you've lost your self control and so the need also to control others.

Unfortunately, shouting creates more barrier between people.

I heard this monk explained why people shout.

If you feel close to a person, you don't need to shout because the distance is close.

You shout because you feel that the person is far away from you.

When I feel like I need to scream and shout, I'm now matured enough to tell myself. "I'm the light of the world. That's my only function and that's why I'm here. 

That's the will of God." Once I feel the light within me, then I'm grounded again.

Try it... let me know.... 

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