I used to care A LOT about what others think of me so I never knew who I really was because I was busy trying to be liked.

Even when I started my coaching business 6 years ago, I tried to mimick my mentor because I thought by doing do, I would have HER success.

I did get the succcess I desired.
But after a while, I really felt like a clone.

That was when, I was guided to stop all coaching to figure myself out.

This was also the time that I decided I was going to break the rules. I didn't say break the LAW!
It took me almost 2 years to finally figure out what the heck I really want.

Why 2 years?
Because I had to sift out all the bullshit that didn't belong to me.

I made goals only to discover that I wasn't at all very excited about it.

Have I lost interest in making money? NOPE!

Well, I gone past the stage where I feel like I needed to poor to prove that I'm spiritual.

What I realised is that I couldn't sell my soul for money anymore.

I couldn't just simply create a program or product to make a living.

I've also learnt that it's a stupid idea to declare that I don't need money to live with integrity!

What I've decided is that I WILL make money on my own terms.

Alas! After 2 years of turmoil, I'm finallly excited about my business again.

To be honest, I finally gained the courage to create the business I want without looking at how others are doing it.

I'm finally doing it MY way without the obsession of building my list or building any sales funnel.

I'm keeping it simple and so it is.

2018 is the year that HUSTLING won't serve you.

RELAXING and leaning into the masculine DIVINE will serve you so much more.

Need to relax your mind? I've created a series of medition to help you relax.
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