I know many spiritual peeps are "afraid" of Mercury Retrograde.
I am not.

I am actually in love with Mercury Retrograde.

Those who whine and complain - will whine and complain even when it's NOT mercury retrograde.

I just found out that Mercury went retrograde on the same day as the Super Moon. That explains why my ear was in pain and my migrainish headache today!

I love mercury retrograde because I actually love clearing "shit" in my life. When that happens there's total discomfort - I'm not going to lie.

But I love the journey of falling in love with myself and pushing myself to being my best self.

Anyway every subject is 2 subject and you can either look at the cup half empty or half full.

Even though I stopped making a making big deal out of mercury retrograde but I do respect the energies that come along with it - since we're all connected.

And then make the best out of it. 
Ride it or sink it.

As we prepare to welcome 2018. It's a year of partnerships, peace and working together. No wonder I've been guided very strongly to start a network based in Singapore. I started it 6 days ago without knowing about this.

It's called Ladypreneurs who Lunch (Singapore) - I invite to you to join if you're from Singapore. Otherwise you can join my global group, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs, where I'm hosting more than 19,000 members.

So... that's to say, if you're in tuned and you allow the Universe to guide you, you don't need anyone to tell you what to do with the energies.

As they say.... 
God doesn't call on the qualified. He qualified the called.


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