I've always knew I would be a mother. And I am now. However, wanting to be a parent is a complete different reality actually being a parent.

As Wayne Dyner said, before he became a parent, he had 8 rules. After he had 8 children, he has no more rules.

No amount of reading any great parenting books is going to prepare you for the actual thing.

As a mother now, it brings up a lot of emotions and triggers that you never knew existed and it is an understatement to say that it's the most challenging job in the world.

On top of that, you aren't even paid for what's to come.

I don't know about you, but my love for my children tend to be amplified when they're sleeping - back to their angelic form! 

Even though solving an algebra sum is so much easier than parenting, I never regret being a mother.

I know that my children aren't mine. If you actually get this into your system as early as possible, it's easier for you to let them go and discover life.

They came from GOD through you.

That means... you don't belong to your parents either! Can I get an AMEN now!? 

As children, we're always seeking validation from our parents but now that you know the truth, you don't need them to approve of you.

The ego will convince you that you're bigger and older so your children NEEDS to obey and listen to you.

However on the soul level, we're all the same. It just that we arrive on earth a tad earlier than them but that doesn't mean they're completely clueless.

I believe babies are the closest thing to heaven. If you look at children, they have an inner knowing and they know how to enjoy life.... and they're great at manifesting!

Adults who think they live in the REAL world have contaminated their divine truth.

And then we spend the rest of lives trying to reconnect with that divine truth!

How warped are we!

So... who do you think are the teachers now? The adults or the children?

Therefore, as modern parents, we need to work really hard to work on ourselves so that we can hold the space for these crystal children to blossom and lead us into a future we've been praying for!

Collectively we're praying for a different life. And so our prayers have been heard and God has sent us evolved souls to help us tide over this crazy times.

These evolved souls, known as indigo, crystal and rainbow children, are here to help us raise our consciousness.

If we drop our egos and our control freakiness and allow these pure souls to guide us, there's hope for our human race to continue.

Today, I want to introduce to you my friend, Amanda Savona, who is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and she specialises in helping parents communicate with their children without yelling and shouting.

I know how it feels when your children - no matter how pure of a soul they are - drives you up the wall with their tantrums.

We call them tantrums because we don't know what the children want and we're having a communication break down with them.

And part of old conditioning is to scream and shout at the children hoping to "control" and "tame" them.

But usually, it only makes matters worse.

Just because you're a mother doesn't mean you know how to be a mother! 


Listen... if you didn't get the love you needed and wanted from your mother, how do you think you know how to love another being?

It took me many years later to realise that I've been an emotionally absent mother even though I was present around them.

My own inner child needed love. I needed to learn how to mother and love myself first.

In this video, Amanda shared how she helped calm both the mother and the child down but using the Law of Attraction to turn the situation around.

Please enjoy the video and let us know if you've any comments or questions.

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Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Conscious-Parenting

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