As an entrepreneur, do you dread it when people ask you this question:

"What do you do?"

Honestly, I know exact what I do and I know I'm good at what I do. The only problem is that I find it a tad challenging to explain to people what I do in one sentence.

You know... the 30 sec elevator pitch?

I really find it very challenging when I attend networking events and have to try not to be boring AND get people interested in what I do.

Even in a video, I can't resist spending at least 10 mins explaining what I do but I know deep down, I risk losing people's attention.

Can you relate?

The experts say that if you can explain what you do to a 10 year old and they get, you've got it!

They also say LESS IS MORE!

If you're not a word geek, just like me, then finding the right succinct words is challenging.

Also, as a creative spiritual entrepreneur, I constantly have different ideas and when I do, I've to ditch the last tag line.

Before speaking to my friend JILL Hendrickson, I used to beat myself up every time I want to move into another direction because that would mean I had to start all over again.

But she said, that's ok because I'm just being creative and honouring my journey.

As a prolific writer, Jill also struggled with getting her message nailed down. She said one of the indications was that she was getting bored with her business.

She also noticed that many women struggled in networking events when they were asked to introduce themselves.

What was really interesting was that Jill told me that when her friend who runs a successful women's network asked the members if they knew what her business was all about and none of them could accurate say it.

That was when Jill knew she was on to something.

Well. if you're not clear on what you're selling, your ideal clients don't know you're talking to them.

A confused mind doesn't buy.

Everyone is talking about niching your business. However, what's the point of knowing your niche but you can't articulate it effective to the world?

Of course, you're confused, frustrated about not making the money you deserve, you're also not helping your ideal clients.

Getting clear on your message will seriously open up so many doors for you because people get it the first time round and you're certainly the go-to person when your ideal clients need your services.

There're a ton of people doing what you do, so it's really important to help people connect with your message instantly.

Focus on your BENEFITS vs FEATURES.

EG: For my business, my features are soul reading, soul retrieval, business strategies...

Even I don't get it... that's why I struggled with putting myself out there.

But then... with Jill's help, I started to play to my message sorted out.

Round 1:

I help entrepreneurs get clear on their major life lessons so that they can make the money they deserve and attract the love they desire.

Round 2:

I help entrepreneurs discover their soul purpose, start the right business and love their life!

Jill gave me several suggestions but at the end of the day, I had to be comfortable and happy with my message because I have to live with it.

I no longer have networking shame and I know the more specific and succinct I am, the easier it is to attract the right people.

They either get it or they don't. Or they know of someone who might need it.

That was what happened to me in my recent networking event.

The lady had a good job but she wanted to start a business so that she can eventually leave her job.

And she said... "Oh that's what I need and I know one of my friend might want to talk to you."

YES! That's how powerful simplicity is!


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