As if as working on our visibility isn't enough! 

Facebook is making it even harder for business owner and marketeers to promote their business.

Recently FB introduced Facebook EXPLORE to some countries. Although they say they aren't introducing it to the rest of the world. 

But if they're experimenting this that means its coming soon - just don't know when.

Facebook EXPLORE means that there'll be 2 newsfeed now.

One for your usual friends but there'll no longer be ORGANIC posts from your business page.

If you want to show up there, you need to PAY!

The other newsfeed is for your pages. SO Facebook is making is difficult to "advertise" organically now.

Well we can't really blame Facebook, since it's really a media/advertising company.

As a result, I've turned my attention to Instagram. These days, I'm spending more time over there because you can really be very specific and targeted.

So... Instagram is still easier to reach your ideal clients with the right hash tag.

BUT... then again, it's also highly competitive.

And you get only 3 secs to gain a first good impression.


Make sure your instagram feed is looking chic and nice!

Be follow worthy.

I spend the last one year learning how to put together a pretty Instagram page. I've redesigned my Instagram feed many times - just to get it right.

I've been experimenting with different mood boards to get a feel of different branding.

Well, I've finally picked one to match my blog.

Anyway, here're some mood boards I've put together for a client who hired me to redesign her Instagram account.

I recently joined this Style Stock Society for my go to photos for my blog, video thumbnail and social media.

Have a look. It's only $29/month!

Here's a mood board that I've put together using Style Stock Society's photos.

Another reason why you should still pay for photos is to keep your blog legally safe. 

It's bad karma to steal borrow other people's photos and you might get into a lot of problems unless you credit them properly.

I used the photo to design my banner for my program Rewrite Your Soul Contract using Canva. 
(See banner below the post.)

There's really no limit to how you can use the photos.

If you're not ready to spend thousands of dollars on website design then having good quality photos is going to help you raise your bar inexpensively!

One last thing, if you're planning on raising your rates or charge what you're worth, then your website and social media branding must reflect that you're absolutely worth it!

You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket trying to achieve that look.

You're welcome and have fun using these photos.

Please let me know how it works out for you.

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