I believe we all sell our souls until we realise that it's hurting our soul.

Everything in life is a journey and the reason why you sell your soul is because you were unconscious in the first place.

The only and sole reason why we're here on earth isn't to help save the world or make this earth a much better place.

NOPE! The world doesn't need us to be saved.

God is still overall in charge.

So we're here solely for the purpose of expansion and growth. I call this the cosmic joke because we operate from the Law of Duality/Polarity, we kinda have to experience one end of the stick to find the other end.

If you want to learn SELF LOVE, you'll be put in relationships with toxic people and situations.

If you want to learn ABUNDANCE, you'll be put with people with lack mentality.

CONGRATULATIONS if you're done with selling your soul just to make money.

NOW... you're ready for a very different life. One that's against what the society has brainwashed us to believe in.

You've heard people tell you to be realistic and that the world doesn't revolve around you.

Well... guess what?

The world DOES revolve around you. You ARE the center of your Universe.

How you to choose to see the world is a reflection of your believe systems and past experiences.

Essentially, the world is neutral. You can either look at the glass half empty or half full.

If you do look at the glass half full, does that make the person who's looking the the glass half empty, wrong?

If you try to extend yourself to the Universe and try looking for the center of the Universe, you won't be able to find it. 

Where's the end and where's the beginning?

However, if you go within yourself, you'll be able to find the center.


The Law of Attraction also states that. LIKE attracts LIKE. You attract what you believe you deserve.

Einstein also said that you attract what you radiate.

Today, I like to introduce my new found friend, Bevan Bird, who I met a couple of years ago in my Facebook group, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs, and we talked about everything from falling ill because he betrayed his soul to upper limits to fear and more...

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He shared with me when he realised that his job wasn't aligned with his values and he was scared to quit his job because he had bills to pay.

And he also chalked up $20,000 in debt and he either had to be homeless or live with his family.

Lucky for him, his father took him in and he didn't allow himself to get into a pity party.

Once he made the intention and decision that he was going to pick himself up and make at least $100,000 - even though he never made more than $30,000, he went all out to get it done!

Since then all his dreams started to come alive.

Today, he spend half the year in Canada and Mexico when the weather gets unbearably cold in Canada!

He's truly living the life of a digital nomad now!

After the conversation with Bevan, I'm even more convinced that the Universe is really very supportive and truly has our back!

Who is Bevan Bird and Where to find him?

Bevan Bird believes we are all made of love and we all deserve to be free, well and fulfilled. That’s why he’s lighting up the world with inspiration, purpose and passion. And collaborating to create a free, abundant and united world, which is his heart felt mission. Known as The Soul 2 Soul Connector, he helps soul centred entrepreneurs make the impact of their cause happen faster.

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