I'm a solopreneur. And I've consciously made this decision to run a one woman show business. So, therefore by default, I'm everything in my business.

It's not easy but I decided I wanted it this way despite all the big names are saying to grow a team.

Therefore outsourcing became my best friend.

As a solopreneur, my business is an extension of me. I figured that out in the early days of my business. 

Aside from being a solopreneur, I'm also a chauffeur mum and I also run a online FB group, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs with more than 19,000 members from all around the world.

Plus, I blog and host interviews.

And I'm also active on Instagram (@iamelyseanne).

I spend a lot of time creating content and serving my tribe.

I did go through a melt down this year because I over committed myself and I lost interest in my business.

That's bad news because if I stopped working on my business, income stops.

That also made me realised that I was in a co-dependent relationship with my business.


So I had to make a few changes.

Again, the big names will tell you about creating systems and structures in your business and bla bla bla....

However, what I do realised is that there's also this thing called DIVINE INTERVENTION.

The systems and structures cannot guarantee results if you as a business owner isn't aligned with your truest and deepest desires.

One of the many things I realised is that I was building my business for a wrong reason.

Don't get me wrong! I love making money - I had my fair share of crazy experiences when I decided I didn't want to have anything to do with money.

BUT... I want to make MEANINGFUL money and not sell my soul just to make money.

It's not a very good business strategy however I do want to be able to sleep peacefully at night and most of all be at peace with myself.

I started my spiritual business as a card reader/healer with the intention to help others but somewhere along the line, greed sipped in and I wanted fame and fortune and also to prove a point.

I achieved all of that but still felt empty on the inside.

And I started to build my business for the wrong reason. I did that for about 3 years and I couldn't continue because I felt disgusted with myself.

Business suffered but I knew deep down I was doing the right thing.

SO if you're reading this post hoping to get a 3 step to-do system then you're in the wrong place or in for a real treat.

I've learnt that if I really wanted to build a business that can make a difference and impact then... I can't do it alone.

I needed a higher power or GOD to help me.

BUT there was a problem. I was in my own way.

As a result, these are the 3 things I did.

1. Get clear on my desires.

You need to redefine what success means to you. 

For the longest time, I used the society's definition to create success.

It doesn't mean I no longer enjoy fancy things - I Do! But, I was tired chasing this ladder because I could never get there.

When I wrote down all the things I wanted to achieve, I do a check-in with my body. Sometimes or if not, most of the time, these desires aren't even mine in the first place.

They have been passed down to me from my parents, teachers, bosses....

So, if your heart isn't skipping a beat then you need to be honest and question yourself.

"Are these desires mine?"

Usually, the first few things that you've written are the superficial ones. Don't stop here. dig and dive deeper.

If time and money weren't a problem and everything you want to be will be a success, then what would you really want to do?

Let your mind wander and wonder.

Because we've grown to become REALISTIC, we've created limitations in our minds. And we don't allow ourselves to dream big because we unconsciously don't believe it can happen.

So you think ... why waste time and be disappointed once again... right?!

It might take you longer than expected to discover your desires but this is the beginning to get to know who you really are.

2. For 30 days, I only did the things that made me happy

For practical and survival reasons, we've chosen to abandon our own happiness. Sacrificing our happiness like it's a code of honour.

Part of not wanting to sell my soul, I realised that I needed to be happy making money and working on my business.

Otherwise I'm just going through the motion.

I learned to listen to my body and trust my emotions.

A big part of what drives my happiness is worrying and fear.

My thoughts were preventing me from being happy. So I had to have a serious conversation with my fear.

It really nothing but an addiction. I was addicted to fearful thoughts.

I really had to consciously shut it down so that I can connect with my soul and hear God.

I also had to clean up my actions on social media. I decided that I wasn't happy poking my nose into other people's business.

OMG! I did myself such a great favour by doing so. Then I stopping trying to compare myself with others. What a great way to destroy my self esteem!

Once I no longer feel satisfying being a busy body, I had more time poking my nose in my own business.

I started to read more and I devoted at least 60 mins or more each day on journalling, meditation and reading.

By doing so, really grounded me and opportunities came knocking on my door!

YES! There's a law called the Law of Least Effort!

3. Test the Universe

After being a spiritual student for 10 years, I know that the Universe works and God exist but it doesn't mean I completely believed it.

If I do, why have mind chatter and worry.

I got clear on why I think I need to be a very rich woman. I wanted it for security. Past experiences have taught me that money was security!

But that's so not true! 

Money comes from people through GOD.

I know that but still I can't help thinking that way.

So... If I can depend on the Universe like my personal ATM machine then I no longer needed to so neurotic and behave like a crazy pyscho woman!

I wanted to create my personal experiences with GOD that defies logic and only GOD can perform those miracles.

At the end of day I want to believe that GOD really loves me and has my back.

Last but not the least, this is a bonus for you but this actually is THE most important thing above all is this.

I had to learn how to forgive.

Not easy but in the book "A Course in Miracles" said, the forgiven will all their desires met.

Unable to forgive is like what Buddha said, you're drinking poison but expecting the other person to die.

If I truly believe in ONENESS then, the perpetrator is also a child of GOD and that I must accept that I'm experiencing it only for growth.

Learn to see GOD is everything.

Your business is only a platform for you to express your soul and grow with it. When you see your business as your ministry, everything you do will change.

Let God be your CEO.

Have a great day!

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