I did it! I finally went on a holiday.

This was my first trip of the year.

In the past couple of years, travelling was almost like accumulating trophies - wanting to prove a point that I AM SUCCESSFUL.

For the world to see so that I can attract ideal clients to work with me.

(I know it's lame. It feels even "lame-er" to write it!)

But this time, it was solely and purely for my sanity!

YES! I could do staycations while in Singapore but that's more like a change in LOCATION because I feel obligated to take my Do-Re-Mi (children) along with me.

How can you walk out of the house with those Bambi eyes staring at you... right?

Anyway, I can't stress how much ME time is important.

I went to Hong Kong btw. It was my yearly trip with my BFF of 20 years.

Of course I had made some intentions and as a "workaholic", I certainly had a to do list.

But when I got there, I decided to screw the to do list and went with the flow.

On some days, I left the room and on some days, I decided to veg out in the room.

You don't need to be a millionaire to enjoy life.

Having the luxury to sit and do nothing and no need to compete with time to be all over the place is a LUXURY on it's own.

I sat by the window and enjoyed the view, watched airplanes take off while enjoying my cuppa was just pure joy!

That's why I had to leave my life behind in Singapore.

Here're some photos of the trip. 

While I had all the time in the world, I decided to launch "Soul in the City Radio" that has been lurking around in my mind for a couple of weeks.

So. I'll be LIVE everyday Sun - Sat 9am SIN | 9pm EST on my page 

It's always an interesting feeling to launch something because you expect the whole world to show up for you.... instantly!

But... now I know better. PATIENCE!

Ta-dah! Here's the first episode that I did LIVE in Hong Kong!

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