Kat Walters! When I was interviewing her, in my mind, I was saying to myself... "When I grow up, I want to be just like her!"

They say - Empowered women, empower women. Which is so true! Kat really made me want to step up my game - not just in business but also my life.

I interviewed Kat some months back (Sorry Kat! I know this should be out a few moons ago) but life just went a little cray cray after this interview.

It's so easy to look at someone's life on the outside and then decide that they've gotten it so easy.

Kat made it look even easier especially after sharing how she made $5k by just posting 1 post in a Facebook group.

However, it took her a lot of blood, sweats and tears to find her sweet spot.

She was an established graphic designer in the UK with many big brands under her belt but she felt there was something missing in her life.

Her intuition was telling to quit her job for a few years. Finally that voice wouldn't leave her and she was still unhappy.

So she decided to go free lance even though many people in her industry didn't do it until they had 10 years of experience. She had 4 years then.

Kat said that she don't just listen and consult her intuition for BIG decisions.

She listens and use her intuition every single day - even in her work. 

She said that she has a super power where, when she meets a person, she's able to immediately know what this person needs to allow their soul essence to shine through.

Now, an instagram make over expert. But it didn't happen over night. Her failed business actually accidentally got her here.

I asked if she regretted the business and she said NO!

Everything is all part of the experience that has made her the woman she has become today.

Now... please enjoy the interview and be inspired!

Kat shared so many tips that she has used that got her on the right track. Plus some tips on how to grow your Instagram account the right and organic way! 

Where can you find Kat?

Website: KatWalters.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/katwaltersdotcom

Instagram: @KatWalters_

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