15 months ago, I got bored - sick and tired - of being a business coach. Not because I'm not good at it or I don't enjoy it.

I'm dang good at coaching and I really enjoyed my sessions with my clients.

What turned me off was the way I was marketing my business. I've learnt from the best and looked up to the best. So did my peers.

As a result, we sounded ALL the same. Not even alike. All the same.

That was when I started to question my abilities and how I was meant to show up in the world.

"Is this is? Am I supposed to be clone and a parrot? This is the only way to be successful?"

Well, if you ask the Universe a question (even if it's secretly), the Universe will have an answer for you.

So I quit. I quit business coaching and I was scared. Because that meant I was giving up a lucrative business and my source of income.

But I trusted my decision and the guidance I've received.

However, the next steps didn't show up immediately for me. So, I panicked.

I took matters into my own hands and fell back to PLAN B - which was Card Reading and Healing.

This was how I served 10 years ago. I tried to promote my services but nothing happened. It wasn't sitting right with me because I know that there're so many card readers out there...

So... why me? (I wasn't the cheapest!)

I had to find a reason why should I be hired. What makes my service so unique? Why should people pay me?

And not get answers from Google or Youtube!

To cut the long story short, this quest lasted for 15 months!

Well... finally, I asked God this question.

"Show me my next steps!"

Immediately the next day, my mum went crazy on me and the following week, I received a letter from the State Court!


I had a tendency to run away but this time, I decided I was going to stay and face each challenge at a time.

After all, I did ask for the next step(s).

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I told God that I wanted out of this mission. I wanted to cruise and relax.

There're other light workers who are available to do this work.

I did have a conversation with God.

He asked me why I changed my mind and what would change my mind.

I told him that I was bored with trying to be like everyone else and my gifts aren't that special. So how can I contribute in my own unique way?

Plus I don't want to sound like Marie Forleo - You can create a business and life you love!

EVERYONE is saying that!

I'll change my mind if I have my own signature way of doing things and I want an adventure!

We left the conversation as that.

A few weeks later, I was grieving over a death in my family and seriously at this point, I really wanted to check out!

But I knew that my time wasn't up so I had to find a save and healing space that's not here in this realm to heal my pain.

I actually found the space where ALL the souls are and I stayed there and healed myself.

While I was there, I asked to REWRITE MY SOUL CONTRACT. I feel like I'm done with these lessons and I've learnt them well and it was time to move on.

That was what I did and life took off from there.

As a result of this, I've been helping all my clients REWRITE their soul contracts and RELEASE karma.

Never would I have expected that my own healing would help so many more people as a result.

I'm now a believer that your obstacles are truly your gifts in life!

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P.S. I'm a visionary and I look at the big picture so please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes if there're any.

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