I had a session with a beautiful soul yesterday and although the question she had isn't uncommon with most women entrepreneurs.

"How can I overcome my fears and become more visible?"

Visibility is a tough thing for many women because they're afraid of negative feedbacks and they feel exposed.

That's the main fear - "what other people will think of me?"

Anyway, it wasn't the case for this lovely lady.

When I tuned in, I told her... 

"You know what? I don't feel any fear from you. You don't have any fear! You just don't know what are your next steps and how to get people to respond to you!
You're waiting for the RIGHT move and time and OFF YOU GO! - You'll be UNSTOPPABLE!"
She agreed!
We've been conditioned and told that if you're having this problem then [THIS] is what's happening!

Many times, we blame money and FEAR for not taking the next step.

I told her... that she just needed to find an excuse to justify her confusion so she created FEAR and decided that it was FEAR that was holding her back.

Therefore, no matter how hard she tried to overcome her fears, her efforts were futile - because she's searching for the solution in the wrong place!

We all have this thing called "BLINDSPOTS". And the unconscious mind or the EGO blocks it from you so that you can remain "SAFE" in your comfort zone.

Your EGO's main job is to keep you safe so it creates all sort of "dramatised" stories to keep you in the comfort zone.

However... as an ADULT, you should know better and make better decisions for you.

Have a great weekend.

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