In my last, last, last, last post, I said in my next post I was going to talk about VOWS.
So... here it is.

Because we've many past lives and in those past lives, we get to play different roles.

In some lives, your soul has chosen to chill and relax. And in some lives, your soul has chosen to learn more "serious" emotions. 
Eg: Betrayal, Slavery, Disability, Murdered....

Most of us who are spiritual, have many lives that are either witches, nuns or monks.
And because of these roles, we've taken vows of poverty. secrecy and/or celibacy.

In some lives, you died in peace and in others, you suffered.
And depending on your state of death, one can make a certain vow. 
Eg: I'll never trust a man ever again.

So you might be wondering... what the heck has this got to do with ME in this life time?

Although you have a different physical body now BUT your soul is the SAME.

Well.... vows are intention and intentions are energy and it's lingering in the etheric and in the Universe as unresolved business.

And one of the many reasons why YOU are a human being... again... is because of KARMA!

Unresolved business and unfinished business and another new lesson.

YOU, as this identity may have nothing to do with the past vows but it's something that YOUR SOUL wants to experience.

All the soul is after is growth and expanding the consciousness.

Learn the lessons and you'll get yourself out of the wheels of karma.

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. 
Change the Cause and the Effect will Change.

Don't get too attached to your physical body and your identity because that's not real.

What's real is what cannot be destroyed i.e your SOUL.

When you allow your SOUL to experience and express itself through this physical body that you call (your name), you'll naturally step into the path of least resistance.

That's when you'll end the cycle of pain and suffering.

In my next post, I'll share with you why so many women entrepreneurs are so afraid of speaking their truth and being seen as their true selves.

Have a great one!

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