When we incarnate into this world, not our entire soul comes along.

Because your body would explode.

When you sleep, sometimes you wake up feeling really tired.

Because your soul has been astral travelling.

What does it mean?

That means your soul is omni present.

Before I left for Hong Kong, I did a Soul Life Reading for this lady.

Every session is different and when I was guiding her through the meditation, I felt this ache on my left shoulder.

It came out of no where so I know it's not mine plus there was a strong message coming through.

So, after the mediation, I asked her if she was feeling the ache on her left shoulder.

She confirmed and said that it has been there for a while.

Then I said... "Your father has a message for you. He's no longer around?"
She confirmed. 

The interesting thing is... after I delivered the message, the pain disappeared for both me and her.

I don't usually do mediumship but when the message was so strong such as this, I had to pass the message.

For me, it's no longer a scary thing but a beautiful way of communicating.

Sometimes, we need reassurance from those who have passed so that we can move on in life without regrets!

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