If we all lived on an island by ourselves, do you think the world will still be in a mess?

The way I look at why the world is in a mess is because people are taking EVERYTHING very personally.
Although I don't deal with the mess on a large scale but I do receive emotionally charged messages from people.

I used to have a tendency to please people and make sure everyone is happy.

BUT... of late, I've decided to NOT adopt other people's stories.

Because the more I try to play "God" aka rescue people, the more I attract victims and it's tiring to work with them.

On the surface, they want to help themselves and heal the world but the truth is, they still want to be victims.

I know this because I saw myself as a victim for many years too.

Obviously no more!

So.... yesterday on my live stream, there was this lady who was going on and on and on with her question while I was reading others who were in front of her.

And finally she said something like... OMG! you totally missed me.

In the past, the pleaser in me, would apologise.

But nope! I told her. To either calm down and wait for her turn or I'm not going to read and ignore her.

Then she send me a message saying that it was not cool and I yelled at her!

Naturally, I was upset and pissed for a while.

(it's normal!)

I asked myself. Who is hurt? 

My soul or the ego?

Clearly her ego was hurt and so was mine.

If that's the case, then this is totally a waste of my time and energy to even allow this to decide how I was going to feel.

I didn't reply because I'm not going to entertain the ego and I didn't feel like it.

I'm taking a stand for neat and tidy boundaries.


If you send an email or message ... anything from a place of EGO then brace yourself and be prepared for more drama.

Can't allow her to ruin my day, so I went out and enjoyed myself.

NEVER let anyone decide how you should feel.

Have a great day!

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