Since having my Akashic Record read by Siobhan and learnt that I was part of a civilisation called Maldekian - from the planet Maldek that exploded and is now known as the asteroid belts in our solar system - I got busy!

(I'm not dreaming - it's proven by Astrologist!)

At first I didn't think too much about it BUT it got my attention when I read a book on past life regression and this lady under trance talked about the planet that disappeared!

This got me into doing more digging deeper into how our civilisation came into existence.

We're NOT the FIRST civilisation! We're the FORTH!

In 22,800 BC, in a great flood, God decided to wipe out that civilisation - Atlantis - and started all over again because they were abusing the Law of Nature.

And in 12,000 BC, another Eve and Adam was created. There was another version of Eve and Adam before this one.
What got my tracks is the amount of time taken to create a brand new civilisation.

10000 Year!

I never enjoyed history but now I strongly believe that we can learn a great deal from history so that history doesn't repeat itself... again.

I've been saying this for years now... THE HUMAN RACE ISN'T A SURE THING!

HERE is the proof!

In another post I'll be sharing with you WHY THERE'RE SO MANY other planets in our solar system and how does it affect our soul evolution.

And the question... is there LIFE on other planets?

Those who read and get this will get this and you'll feel a shift happening within you now or in the next few days that'll lead you on a deeper journey on discovering who you truly are.

That's it for today!

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P.S. I'm a visionary and I look at the big picture so please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes if there're any.

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