2038 is the new 2012!

From now till then, the era of the GURUS are over!

Stop giving your power away because all the lost knowledge is within you.

Not all your DNA strands are currently activated but soon ALL your 12 strands of DNA will be activated.

Remember 2012?

There was such a huge hooha about the world coming to and end and there was even a movie!

Did the world end? 

We're in year 2017 now - so go figure.

What really happened is the MAYAN calendar ended.

I had my spiritual awakening in 2008 and I was really excited about 2012 hoping for some thunderous shift.

But when the day came, I religiously meditated but nothing happened.

I felt a sense of PEACE.

What shifted?

Well... humanity did not shift but MOTHER EARTH SHIFTED!

Since that, it was recorded that the tectonic plates shifted, climate changes and weather went berserk!
Mother Earth is evolving to higher frequencies - onward to 4th dimension and above.

In the future, Earth will be at the 12th dimension - once a upon a time we were vibrating at that frequency.

Can you guess which era?

YES! In the Atlantic era.

Therefore, we need to SHIFT consciously by taking responsibility of our thoughts and energy.
i.e. learn your lessons well!

Holding on to these energies not only causes energy leaks but creates more fear in you.
The energy of fear creates hate, anger and everything in between.

If you want to transcend to the New Earth, you need to get rid of FEAR and KARMA.

Make peace with your past today!

Have a great day!

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