I had depression 3 times in my life and now as I looked back it was always caused by external factors that create the emotional havoc within.

In 2015, I had the 3rd depression.

That year, I decided that Money was controlling my life and I didn't want to have anything to do with it and as a result, you get what you asked for and clients started to drop out and I was once again broke again.

Eventually I was again back to my $1 days and in fact on somedays, 50 cents in my bank account.

Times were really bad as that meant that I could not longer pay my bills on time and I still had some debt.

I owed 2 banks some money - not a lot but any amount is still a debt and the banks were calling day and night till I had switch off my phone.

The debt collector came knocking on my door a few times.

As you can imagine, I was so poor and close to being homeless.

Anyway, I let myself go and didn't take care of myself and so I've gained a lot of weight.

This was me after giving birth to 3 children in 2014.

This was me in 2016.

I didn't realise how much weight I've gained until my friend asked me if I was pregnant.
Clearly! That woke me up and brought me back to reality.

YES! I've lost control over my life. Period.

My diet was the same. Nothing changed except that I caught the depression bug.

Now I know what does EMOTIONAL WEIGHT means.

Because I've caused so my stress to myself that my body thinks that I'm dying and in a fight or flight mode. 

And like a loving parent, it needs to take care of me so it decided to gain some weight just in case I needed the extra fats to survive the Holocaust.

The weight also acts as a shield of protection. As as my weight increased, my self confidence decreased and I almost became invisible.

How could I give what I don't have? 

During this time, I did everything I could to heal emotionally.

I meditated, worked with healers and coaches and even cleaned up my diet but the weighing machine still won't budge.

It wasn't until recently that I started to work with my soul intimately that I realised that I had some fragments of my soul that got lost in translation and as a result, my lower 3 chakras  (root, sacral and solar plexus)* have been out of balanced.

* the lower chakras manages the energy of money, personal power, confidence....

That explains why no matter what I do and how much success I've had, I always felt the void and the need to do more and more and more.

The Universe must fill up any void so it fills it up with things that I don't need.

Now that I know what the SOULution is, I'm cleaning my energy up, retrieve my fragmented soul parts back and keeping my energies high frequencies.

So... I can tell you all the diet plans out there are like bandage if you're energy system isn't fully aligned and in high frequency.

This also explains the yo-yo weight.

There's always a spiritual answer to every problem. If you're in a hurry and want instant gratification then you'll miss out what's the real root cause to your problem.

If you can't concentrate or constantly feeling spaced out or nothing you do lights you up, then perhaps you've lost fragments of your soul.

You need to retrieve your loss soul parts back to feel whole again and to live life like you really mean it.

I wish you whole again.

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