You know you're losing weight when your boobs are getting smaller!

It used to disturb me so much but now I'm happy cos after 2 years of battling with weight and self worth issues I finally nailed it.

I no longer support ANY diet systems - It's all B.S!

Haven't you already figured out that no matter how good any diet system is, there's a ton of information that objects to the diet system?

Ultimately, it's your mind that worked it out and changed your belief system about you. 

Because no matter what shit I tell myself, I believe that my body has all the answers - I just don't know how to unlock them.

No! I didn't exercise like crazy - walking, YES. 

In fact, I resist exercise so why lie to myself?

(I'm tapping into the Law of LEAST RESISTANCE.)

1. I changed my diet. 

I've always been a RICE gal. I gave it up.
No rice. Mostly soup, fruits and vegetables and occasional meat.

(Damn it! I stopped judging myself for wanting to eat meat.)

2. Light (extremely light) yoga stretches and....

3. Lots of healing the lower 3 chakras - Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

4. DeEeeep breathing. Most of us are not breathing enough for your body to burn your food.

Last but not the least...


6. I stopped telling shit things TO myself!

You're beautiful!

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