Inner child healing... 

How to heal the inner child when no one's home?

So... the soul doesn't just come back automatically when you call for it....

You need to negotiate with it and it does require a skill to do so.

Shamanism some may call it. 

Let me give you an example....

While I had the whole day to myself yesterday while the kiddos are with their grandma.

I realised I still had fears about what I charged even though I've made good money and there's no reason why I should feel whimsy with my rates.

Since I was in the topic of soul loss, I decided to check in to see if I had parts of my soul that got lost in translation.


And when I found the soul, it wasn't in some unpleasant realm or in the cave of lost souls. 

To my surprised.... it was having a ball of it's time living like a BILLIONAIRE!
TO my horror.... it didn't want to return to me!

*weep weep*

Of course! Who would? I wouldn't too!

It challenged me and asked me...."Why should I come back with you?"

That's a great question! I said.... I need to come back to you.

*panic!!!! ***

So ... calmly and nicely I said....

"You need to come back to me because we've a mission and we're not done yet! YES the life here isn't as good as where you are now BUT together we can make that happen. Remember why we're here! Do you want to do this ALL OVER AGAIN?!"

So I won my soul over and it came back to me and integrated with me.

When I woke up this morning.... I had to share this because I absolutely had to share this because I no longer had thoughts like...

"Who do you think you are to do this work bla bla blah.......!"

In fact, the voice commandingly said.... "You should and need to charge!"

When you feel whole, you won't even have the audacity to discount yourself!

Have a wonderful day!

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