OMG! I loved the conversation with my friend Pial Abdullah and still love it so much till today.

This is such a breath of fresh air on the topic on LIFE PURPOSE.

In fact, she gave and left me with so much to think about after the conversation and this is what INSPIRATION is all about.

She inspired and motivated me to change from the inside out.

Also - this is really about the essence on women helping women!

So... back to Pial.

She was coach and then decided to stop coaching in September 2015 because she really felt that there's more to life than hustling for high end coaching clients and continuously working on the self worth piece because she wasn't charging $10k like other coaches and basically had enough of the madness!

In her own words, the shark eats shark world and in any industry, it's really hard to tell the difference between someone sincere and someone who has a shining website who's just after the financial gains.

That was when she stepped back and asked herself what she really wanted.

Well! It turns out she still wanted to be, do and have everything!

Be financially secured, contribute back to society and live her life purpose!

Somehow she figured that if she really wanted to make a huge impact, she couldn't do it alone. And what she said to me made sense!

The big corporations do have bigger budget and therefore can have a bigger impact more efficiently.

Of course! Not ALL corporations share the same vision.

She is now working for this company THINK TANK and she's now the leading the new department in Kuala Lumpur!

In the video, she shares about how she actually secured this amazing role!

It's like a real life story that popped out of the book Think and Grow Rich!

I met Pial when she came to Singapore 2-3 years ago and I can see how much she has grown since then!

She's so much more confident in herself and now that she's got a JOB, the irony is that her side line business - Chaco Oil,  is actually taking off without much effort!

Abraham-Hicks calls this the path of least resistance.

I've come a long way this is industry too - not too long actually - just 8 years and I can totally resonate with Pial when she said she sounded like a broken record.

Unfortunately I feel the same way.

I'm getting sick and tired of hearing and saying : Quit your job and be a digital nomad and fulfil your life dreams!

What I know is that only 1 out of 5 people know what their dream is.

There's a dangerous quote floating around that says...

"If you don't build your dreams, you're going to be hired to to build someone else's dreams."

However, if you don't know what your dreams are yet, it's ok to help someone build theirs while taking that time to figure out yours!

After all.... seriously... what's the rush?

What if you can find someone that has a dream that matches yours? And together you can do great things in life!

Is there really a need to take credit?

Alrighty, I hope you'll enjoy this refreshing conversation as much as I've had hosting it!

Where's Pial?


Chaco oil :

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