God doesn't have a plan for you!

Over the years.... I've heard many people say this (including myself)....

  • I'm waiting for God's plan.
  • I hate my job because people don't appreciate me and I'm not fulfilled.
Today I want to address these 2 very important statements.

He doesn't really have a plan for us - REALLY!

If you think it through - it doesn't make any sense if HE really does have a plan for us and then give us FREEWILL to decide what and how we want to experience life.

That being said, YOUR SOUL has a plan for you before you incarnated into this world.

You're back here to complete unfinished business or uncompleted lessons i.e clear karma.

BUT... you don't have to do it the hard way. However we seem to always pick the hardest way to learn these lessons.

Once I did that, the dark clouds disappeared.

2. I hate my job because people don't appreciate me and I'm not fulfilled.

As within, so without!

The world is a reflection of how you feel on the inside.

If people are treating you like shit or not appreciating you, then why are you attracting these people in your life in the first place?

Why do you need to be validated if you're doing a damn good job?

It's not your job's job to give you the sense of fulfilment.

It's YOUR JOB to be fulfilled in whatever that you're doing.

Stop waiting for anyone to come save you because NO ONE IS COMING!

I waited for a long time to realise that I AM THE ONE - I was waiting for.
I woke up and decided I had enough and prayed for guidance.
I couldn't really see what was in my future but I knew HOW I WANTED TO FEEL.
I was prepared to go all in to change my life.

This is my mantra.

" I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be successful - legally, morally, without prostitution and selling off my children".

That is my contract with God.

Every time. It worked!

I wish you well.

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