Do You have an Addiction You Don't Know About?

I know it may be an oxymoron statement BUT bear with me.

If you think being an addict means one is a sex addict, alcoholic or drug abuser, then I invite you think even deeper.

What does being an addict really mean?

I have been both an alcoholic and drug abuser when I was much younger so I've been there.

When I rid myself of these addictions, I became a shopaholic. 

You see, these addictions can change it's form and because shopaholics are not detrimental to the the society, no one cares - in fact, it's really good for the economy.

However, whatever it is, it's about filling an emotional void or running away from reality.

Not too long ago, I realised that I was addicted to worrying.

When one problem is sorted, the mind quickly jumps to the next thing...

And I got so frustrated with myself because it came to a point of when is doing all this personal development work enough?

Then I realised.... it's an addiction and *gulps* I needed the drama to sustain my identity.

So is worrying - an addiction.

Just a few days ago, I decided to break up with social media because I realised I was overly dependent with it to a point where I feel I'm having a co-dependent relationship with it.

Well... God doesn't need social media right?!

Before I pressed the delete button, the usual family voice came over me as siao....

Social media is a platform but your addiction to it is your problem.

I've deleted FB and Instagram apps on my phone and now solely using the laptop to connect with the world.

I want to be detached and free of external influences that may unconsciously affect my efforts in peeling off the b.s.

So... I set very strong intentions that I'm not going to just post for the sake of posting and not contribute to the emotional pollution that's already so rampant on social media.

I've also decided to stop posting that doesn't contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Eg: What I'm eating or Selfies or How cute my children are...

Ok! I think you get the point.

Understanding my addictions opens up an entire new world for me.

Open you heart and mind. You don't know what you don't know. 

What you see is only the tip of the tip of the tip of the ice berg!

Make the Shift!

P.S. I'm a visionary and I look at the big picture so please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes if there're any.

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