"It's so easy to be lazy." - Adeline Heng

They say you cannot teach an old dog old tricks. But is it because the dog doesn't want to learn?

It's an age old analogy to describe a person who's stubborn and doesn't want to make any changes. It also suggests that when we get older, we seem to be doomed and forced to accept the reality of what is.

I've met many people who, when they turned 40, they start to accept their fate and they do nothing but complain and complain and complain.

As a result, they become almost impossible to be with and you just want to keep your distance from them.

You may not realise that you're turning into a grumpy grandparent. But ask yourself if you'd like to hang out with someone like this?

Adeline is one of the very few women I know - even at 50 - isn't allowing her age to stop her.

In fact, I believe it's the hunger for growth that's reversing her aging and keeping her young!

If you're what you eat then you're also what you think.

Your body responds and corresponds with what you believe about yourself.

Using age as an excuse to stop pursuing your dreams is merely an excuse.

Recently I watched a video of a millionaire who's just 10 years old! Can you say that she's too young to run a business?

As we progress as a society with so much knowledge and resources available, one can no longer use any excuse to NOT live her life to her fullest.

We're no longer is the industrial era! Or Stone Age for that matter.

Yes! Change is painful and not easy but what's more painful?

To never know what you're truly capable of and to settle down with status quo or to have an adventure of a life time?

Every one has a secret compartment of how they desire their lives too look like but only those who have the courage to pursue it will enjoy that reality.

Adeline lost 25 years in her younger days because she decided to take the easier way out and conform to her parent's expectations of who they want her to be.

Finally... she decided to take her power back and start all over again as HERSELF at 50!

She also shared that her grandfather was willing to sponsor her to further her education but her mother told her to reject the offer.

Because of this, she created a story in her head that she don't deserve it - she bought her mother's story of lack.

It's these silly stories that we made up that really stops us from moving forward.

But - once you decide that you want a different life, everything will start to shift for you.

YES! It's also easy to settle for what's convenient but then you can only watch other's enjoy their

When I say success, it doesn't mean the big house, the fancy car or an entire wardrobe of clothes.

Success is about self actualising and living the life you most want to live.

Regardless of age, race and culture, we all desire the same thing - FREEDOM.

Why are people obsessed with chasing money? Because money gives us the FREEDOM OF CHOICE to experience life.

But ... even without a big fat bank account, you can still have the FREEDOM and this is the FREEDOM even money cannot buy.

FREEDOM to be yourself!

I hope you'll enjoy this conversation as much as I had hosting it.

Life isn't all about pretty selfie photos. Every life has a unique story and it's in these stories that we find ourselves and grow collectively as ONE human race!

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P.S. I'm a visionary and I look at the big picture so please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes if there're any.

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