Something interesting to think about...

As you evolve and grow, your life purpose evolves and grows as well.

I was watching one of Neale Donald Walsh's talk and he said God doesn't have a plan for you.

Contrary to what we believe - that God has a big plan for us.

What if this isn't true then who can else can we blame when our live crumbles?
What if your life is meant to crumble so that you can develop the courage and strength to find yourself?

In my life, I've certainly done and experienced many things not just because God said so.

Because I wanted that experience and God made it so.

Therefore, as you grow, you'll want to experience and live your potential.

That's to say, forget about the obsession on finding your life purpose.

In my years of so called success, I've had many external possessions to show that I've made it.
But at the end, the emptiness was still there.

So I believe the chase for the feeling of success is futile until you know WHY and WHO you're doing it for.
For many years I chases success to prove a point. That I wasn't a waste of space.
Now that I've proven my point, then I lost the motivation to go on.

But once I found a bigger meaning, my passion to fulfil my dharma came back and I know it's more than just making a living.

That's when I know I can no longer sell my soul for money.
That's when I'm free to become the woman I've always wanted to be.

8.5 months pregnant with my 3rd child pitching to win $60k from Guineess to start a social enterprise - WE WON!

I wish you well.

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