"I'm so stupid!"

"I'm so fat!"

Have you ever said this to yourself silently in your head?

Have you ever wondered where did this voice came from?

Is that voice really yours?

Self shaming and body shaming has unfortunately become a norm for many women because we've been conditioned to think that we're not good enough unless...


Please stop abusing yourself right now.

Abuse doesn't mean someone else is physically or mentally torturing you.

You don't need to go to war to have an traumatic experience.

If your body is going through any kind of stress or fear, you are going through a traumatic experience.

If you do this to yourself, chances are you'll be allowing others to "bully" you too.

You may have weak boundaries and not sure how to say YES when you mean NO and NO when you really mean YES.

Not too long ago, Tina received a comment on her post from a guy who she didn't even know.

Commenting on her photo that she has a pretty face but she's fat.

I can almost understand why people are "keyboard warriors" but judging and attacking someone's race, culture and weight is totally out of line.

Sometimes people forget that there's an actual human being behind the profile.

But in true Tina's style, not only did she not take it to heart, she took this opportunity to take a fierce stand for herself - not because she's a curvy woman but as a woman who knows who she is.

Women and weight.

It is a problem as old as time.

I've put on a significant amount of weight over the past 2 years - due to stress and I've been hiding behind my weight ever since.

And using it as an excuse not to put myself out there and be seen.


Because of the fear of judgement - that I'm not good enough.

But I haven't become dumber just because I've put on weight.

Putting on weight is a result of an emotional wound.

Every big and curvy girl has a story - many use their weight to protect them from being hurt.

So please be more sensitive with your words because even if you mean no harm, it can be hurtful.

I'm so glad to have this conversation with TINA who helps women stand in their power and feel safe to share their gifts and talents with the world.

Tina is a woman who really wants other women to succeed because she strongly believes that there's more than enough to go around.

So... it's time to stop using your weight as an excuse and become that woman you've always wanted to be.

You're very much supported in this space.

Please enjoy the conversation and leave us any comments and feedback you may have.

Tina Marcella is a Performance Coach who will help you feel comfortable and confident on video and in front of any audience so your clients will see you as the expert that you are!

Where to find Tina?

Website: TinaMarcella.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/tinamarcellacoaching

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