Are you truly happy with yourself and with your life?

For many years my happiness have been tied to how much money I had in my bank account and it fluctuates more violently than the stock market.

That means, I can't be happy unless I've a certain amount of money in my bank account.

It caused a lot of stress for me because I would be very stressed when and if I had to take money out of my bank account.

And I would start hoarding my money.

But money has no meaning if it's not used.

Money was my identity and the measurement of success.

I thought I was happy. But really I was the slave to MONEY.

How can anyone be happy when one is a slave?

When I decided that I was more than MONEY, I divorced money. I wanted to prove that I was a smart and intelligent woman without money.

Alas! That was not the smartest thing to tell the Universe. So almost immediately, clients started to drop out and I lost my income.

I was at a time far worse than my $1 days. I was at 50 cents days at my lowest point and banks were calling me everyday to hound for payments. They even came to my house with the intention of taking things to sell.

It was a bad time but I've gotten answer I needed.

I was an intelligent woman who can have all the money I desire to live a good life so that I can have space for others.

When you're in survival mode, no matter how gifted and talented you are, your survival instincts will kick in and you'll take care of the SELF first.

Anyway, after many years of chasing money and chasing the external success, I still found myself unhappy.

It wasn't until I read Pam Grout's Thank and Grow Rich that stirred some changes in me.

In the book she talked about a woman who decided to test the Universe. She wanted to know if they Universe really has a back and supports her.

So she decided for the next 30 days to only do the things that made her REALLY HAPPY - that included not making her bed despite her roommate not being too happy with her.

She would spend her time sitting by the window, sipping coffee, journalling about her perfect life and feeling really grateful for all the things she already have.

Eventually everything she wrote in her journal came true and more.

Love, happiness and gratitude is one of the highest frequencies and we attract what we radiate (according to Einstein!).

Therefore, it's important to only do the things that makes you happy because the Universe responds to how you feel - not what you say.

When you do the things that makes you happy, you're also telling yourself that you're worth it and you do deserve the best.

You may need to consciously override that voice that tells you that you don't deserve it.

The Universe will respond to WHAT you believe you deserve.

BE HAPPY and become the woman you've always wanted to be!

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