"I'm 50 and single and I've nothing to lose!" - Elsa Lim

When Elsa was a young woman, her relatives told her that a woman should NEVER be single and advised her to find someone quickly and settle down.

This was an example of a fear based advice coming from a place of LOVE.

Even if we didn't agree, we don't seem to know that we can question the integrity of these advice given from our parents or elders.

We may roll our eyes but unconsciously took on their fears and believe systems.

I remember my own grandmother who used to tell me when I just turned 16 that women in China were lucky to get married at that age!


I believe there're many believe systems that are outdated for modern women and even though we know that but we can't seem to break out of the cycle.

In the olden days, women needed to get married for survival, to lessen the burden of the family and ensure the blood line is being continued for the husband.

Do we really need to depend on men for our survival in this era?

Unfortunately, many women still do! Because we were taught at a young age that we can't be the woman we were meant to be!

That was when codependency was passed down to our innocent minds!

In fact, that was what my own mother told me - to find someone rich since I can't study!

Well, there's nothing wrong with marrying someone rich and have him pay for everything.

There's also nothing wrong if a woman chooses not to get married, adopts a child and climbs the corporate ladder.

Whatever you choose, make sure you're coming from a place of empowerment and not sacrificing your happiness to get something in return - codependency again!

At the end of the day, if you're not happy - it's an expensive price to pay.


Regardless of what your decision is, you need to start to be comfortable talking about and taking charge of your money.

In the olden days, most women have "私房錢" ( fáng qián), which means secret stash of money.

Since most of them don't work, they would find many interesting ways to grow their money. They knew the importance of financial independence - actually they were saving for rainy days.

Most of them don't let their husbands know but many will still take their money out when their husbands needed the money.

For eons of years, women have been suppressed and it's time now take our power back.

It's not easy as you'll have to rock many boats but guess what? No one is going to do it for you.

Live for yourself because you can never please anyone.

Release the expectations of what other people think you need to do.

Start thinking and planning for yourself - because NO ONE is going to do it for you.

I really enjoyed talking to Elsa about all the issues women face and I appreciate her being so honest when she's sharing about how she almost married Mr. Wonderful and even though she's in her 50s she's not closing the doors!

Who is ELSA LIM?


Elsa is the author of "When Love and Money are Gone" and a money fit coach. She's also a certified Psycho Therapist which took her 8 years to complete!

She grew up in a family where money was never discussed until her father's passing to find out about his debt and serious cash flow problems.

When she thought that she could find a man and eventually depend on him didn't work out, she realised that reality sucked as she didn't have much savings.

So she became a financial advisor and learned everything she needed to get herself financially healthy again.

Now, she's made it her mission at 50 to help women become super fit with money so that they don't have to become a victim to their circumstances!

Where to find Elsa?

Website: MoneyFitCoach.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/MoneyFitCoach

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