The measurement of external success is also driving smart spiritual people into the ego space.

But at the end, it's all part of the plan.

How do you know NOT to be in the ego space if you haven't experienced the ego's idea of success.

It's stressful no doubt. 
AND you've a choice.

For the last couple of weeks, life has been beyond peaceful for me because I was sick.
I felt extremely peaceful ... not by choice.

Because the more I thought, the worse it became.

And in these couple of weeks, I had no fear.

No fear of not having enough money. No clients.

In fact, I don't even care. Because I just realised even in my 50 cents days, God kept me alive.

When I had money, I was so afraid I'll lose all my money and my fears have been realised.
At this point, I've no fear because you can't fear something that has no more control over you.

That's how you become fearless. 

Having courage is not the absence of fear.

It doesn't mean you'll never feel any fear in your lifetime.
It just means you now know better not to give your power away to fear and do it anyway.

There's no definition of success. There's no way you can keep up with the external possessions.

If you keep measuring your success against what other people are doing, you'll definitely go bonkers.

Not sure if she really feels that way but I heard Kim Kardashian said it herself. That she's really thankful for the robbery because she now no longer thinks that external possession are important.

She used to show off all her diamonds but now she's keeping a low profile.

If you learn how to measure your PERSONAL success by how you FEEL, then you'll end the mindless competition right away.

And please don't feel bad if you're not happy all the time and sometimes you may even feel sad or angry.
That's not what I mean. 

Emotions are neutral until you give it a story. An emotion is merely an emotion and it's an indication of how you feel about about the situation.

Notice I didn't say the word THINK. You can think all day long and it may not be true.
However, you cannot LIE about how you feel.

No one questions why they're happy but when they're SAD or ANGRY, they start to feel bad and even guilty for harbouring such feelings.

No one wants to be sad or angry.  Human beings tend to avoid pain. 

So why not learn to question yourself and get to know yourself a little more each day by wondering why is this person or situation making you feel the way you feel.

By doing so, you stop giving your personal power away to the situation, you also become a joy to be around.

Who wants to hang around a live trigger wire all day long and who enjoys walking on egg shells when they're with you?

Just keep up with you soul and you'll be A-OK!

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Photo Credit: Via Pinterest