One powerful way you can end codependency (toxic relationships) right now is to know that you've had the power all along.

You allowed them to make you feel small and as a result allowed them to control you.

Know that the world isn't going to end or the person isn't going to die when you take your power back.

All these fear is happening only within YOU.

Put your mind is a safe space - in the presence of God or your angels. Make yourself bigger if you need to.

And tell the other person or situation that you're no longer allowing them to bully you or manipulate or blackmail you into feeling small.

Return that energy back to them and have them be responsible for their emotions.

Say to them in your head to them:

"I WILL no longer will carry your emotional wounds or baggage."

"I WILL no longer be your emotional punching bag."

"I am responsible for how I feel."

"I am responsible for my own happiness."

And cut all the negative chords between you and the person or situation.
Remember to fill the space with God's love and protect your energy with a bubble of white light.

Now you're free to become the woman you've always wanted to be.

No more feeling guilty and attachments.

** you may need to do it a couple of times to prevent the chords from coming back.

Warning: That person or situation may return but you need to learn to stand in your power and truth and not give your power away again.

They'll disappear.

The person can feel something is missing and may emotionally blackmail you again.

Stay in your power.

I wish you well.

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